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Multitone Horn & Strobe Kidde® K-75-001

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Multitone Horn & Strobe Kidde® K-75-001Multitone Horn & Strobe Kidde® K-75-001 merupakan perangkat output pada fire alarm system atau FM200 fire suppression system berupa suara dan lampu sebagai tanda bahaya kebakaran atau sistim peringatan dini alarm kebakaran. Multitone ditempatkan pada titik-titik tertentu diruangan maupun area yang sekiranya dapat dengan cepat didengar oleh semua orang pada gedung yang dipasang fire alarm system. Sementara pada FM200 fire suppression system, multitone Horn & Strobe umumnya dipasang diatas pintu dibagian dalam ruangan yang diproteksi sistim pemadam kebakaran otomatis dan dirangkai bersamaan dengan lampu evacuate sebagai tanda terjadinya bahayaa kebakaran pada rungan tersebut sekaligus sebagai peringatan kepada semua orang yang ada didalam ruangan agar segera keluar dan dievakuasi.

Eaton’s Wheelock Series MT Multitone Horns and Horn-Strobes   are   compatible   with   Kidde   Fire   Systems'AEGIS™  and  ARIES™  families  of  Fire-Alarm  Suppres-sion Control Units and offer a choice of eight (8) nation-ally and internationally recognized alerting sounds: Horn,Bell, March Time Horn, Code-3 Tone, Code-3 Horn, SlowWhoop, Siren or Hi/Lo Tone. The Code-3 horn and tonepatterns are engineered to comply with NFPA/ANSI Tem-poral  Pattern  specifications  without  requiring  additionalequipment.

The  MT  Strobes  are  designed  for  ADA  applications  withmaximum  performance,  reliability  and  cost-effectivenesswhile  meeting  or  exceeding  the  requirements  of  NFPA72,  ANSI  117.1,  UFC  and  UL  Standard  1971  as  well  asmeeting  ADA  requirements  concerning  photosensitiveepilepsy.

Each  MT  and  MT  Strobe  appliance  has  two  user  selec-tive  sound  output  levels:  STANDARD  dBA  and  HIGHdBA.  The  MT-12/24  provides  dual  voltage  capability  inone unit, 12 VDC or 24 VDC operation, filtered or FWR.The  MT  Strobe  Electronic  appliances  operate  with  24VDC  and  may  be  used  with  filtered  or  unfiltered  (full-wave-rectified)  input  voltages.  Separate  input  terminalsare available and shunt wires are provided to enable bothtone and strobe to operate simultaneously from a singleinput.

The Multitone Strobe appliances are UL Listed for indoorwall   mount   applications,   under   Standard   1971   forDevices  for  the  Hearing  Impaired  and  under  Standard464 for Audible Signal Appliances. MT Strobe models arelisted for indoor use with a temperature range of 32°F to120°F  (0°C  to  49°C)  and  maximum  humidity  of  93%  ±2%.

The  MT-12/24  and  MTWP  models  for  outdoor  use  areListed for -31°F to 150°F (-35°C to 66°C) and maximumhumidity of 95%. The strobe devices use a Xenon flash-tube  with  solid  state  circuitry  enclosed  in  a  ruggedLexan® (or equivalent) lens to provide maximum reliabil-ity  for  effective  visible  signaling.  Strobe  lens  markingsavailable for “Fire” and “Agent” labeled applications.

The  MT-12/24-R  and  MTWP-2475W-FR  are  US  CoastGuard Approved for applications with the Autroprime firealarm system.

The Series MT appliances have IN and OUT wiring termi-nations that accept two #12 to #18 AWG wires at each terminal. Inputs are polarized for compatibility with stan-dard reverse polarity type supervision.

Feature Multitone Horn & Strobe Kidde® K-75-001

  • Approvals include: UL 1971, UL 1638, UL 464, and Cali-fornia State Fire Marshal (CSFM). The MT-12/24-R andMTWP-2475W-FR are FM approved and also US CoastGuard Approved for applications with the Autroprimefire alarm system
  • Designed to meet or exceed ADA/NFPA/UFC/ANSI Stan-dards and Accessibility Guideline
  • Meets OSHA 29 Part 1910, 16
  • One alarm appliance with eight (8) selective signals toprovide superior sound penetration for various ambientand wall conditions with two field selectable sound out-put levels
  • Audible and strobe can operate from a single signalingcircuit with any of the eight (8) audible signals
  • Code-3 Horn and Tone meet ANSI/NFPA temporal pat-tern for standard emergency evacuation signaling
  • Multi-Candela MT Strobe models available with fieldselectable 15/30/75/110 candela setting
  • Weatherproof MT Strobe models available with 180 can-dela rating
  • FIRE and AGENT markings available
  • Polarized inputs for compatibility with standard reversepolarity type supervision of circuit wiring by an alarmpanel
  • Flush and surface mount options; no additional trim-plate required for flush mounting
  • IN and OUT wiring terminations that accepttwo (2) #12 to #18 AWG wires at each terminal

Spesifikasi, Brosur dan Datasheet Multitone Horn & Strobe Kidde® K-75-001

Donwload Spesifikasi, Brosur dan Datasheet Multitone Horn & Strobe Kidde® K-75-001 disini untuk mendapatkan informasi lebih jelas mengenai produk ini.

Harga Multitone Horn & Strobe Kidde® K-75-001

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Harga Pemeliharaan FM200 SystemTanya Harga Multitone Horn & Strobe Kidde® K-75-001

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